Monday, May 10, 2010

127/365 Vegans Bar B Q too!!

Loving this nice weather!! Dreading the crappy weather that is on its way! UGH!

Who'd a thunk it right! You hear Vegan and you think oo those poor people they cant eat meat, no hamburgers oooo say its not so!! Guess what ya'll Vegans eat Hamburgers just minus the animal and crap!! Tonight we had boca burgers and OMG they were so freaking good!! Ya wanna know how I knew they were good...
Ya she gobbled it up!! She wont even eat a "normal" burger, shes always "full" but she ate this up and said how good it was the whole time! I tried a boca burger when I was diagnosed like 8 years ago and I HATED it, but I wasnt ready for change at the time so Im thinking with an attitude change and probably better boca flavor after that many years, it sure turned into one tastey meal!! AND the bonus is that we ate them and didnt feel gross after! I am LOVING eating all this healthy food feeling full but not gross and heavy! I dont wake up swollen and feeling icky anymore.. except on the weekends when I get naughty and eat sugary crap.. I gotta stop doing that! But really I am so pleased with how our vegan eating has progressed! I was so worried that we wouldnt be able to make it work, that it would be hard, but really it has been pretty dang easy!! On our burgers tonight we had vegan cheese.. which was GOOD! We used veganaise instead of miracle whip and of course ketchup and pickels and tomato! YUM!!
Did you know at Red Robin you can swap any burger for a boca burger! Kaden did this weekend and it was SO GOOD! He loved it!! So yeah Im so happy that we are all feeling healthy and working toward being a healthy family!
Now this one.. AHHH this boy is driving me NUTS! There are some serious hormones going on at this house and I am trying to be very understanding but at a certain point I cant quite handle the ignoring, rolling of the eyes, disrespect, pouting, and over all bad attitude! So he will be doing lots of chores until he snaps out of it! A little attitude is fine, I totally understand that there are things and feelings that he doesnt know how to control yet but GEESH!! Gotta put a stop to it before it gets out of control!


Norah said...

We love Veganaise! Oh, those hormones are raging in my house. The attitude, the rolling of the eyes, the looks he gives like I am such an idiot! UGH!