Thursday, May 27, 2010


Day 1 of summer break!! We just chilled today, it was so nice!! I had a nice long run this morning and then came home and we were just relaxing and vegging in front of the tv!! It was a great start to the summer!
Last night Malia was looking in the mirror while I was getting her jammies on and she touched her Mongolian spot and said "thats my stamp!" OMG I about died it was so stinking cute!! I have pointed it out to her a lot, it looks like a bruise on her arm and Ive always been worried that when she gets older it will be something that she is self conscious about so I always tell her how pretty it is. She not only has that one she has dark spots on her shoulders, wrists and ankles and of course over her touchie! SO I just thought it was adorable that she called it HER Stamp.. love it!!
Here she is pointing it out lol!

Gorgeous girl!


tamiz said...

Love Malia's "stamps" too. I remember when you gave her that first bath and you discovered them all. Remember when Rich changed Silas' diaper the first time and found his "stamp"? lol, not exactly the same I guess. So jealous that I know you're sleeping while I'm up at the crack of dawn with the alarm.