Saturday, May 15, 2010


Maddie did another performance today for a near by town. Of course she was AMAZING!!
Im always so impressed with her dedication to her group. She comes home from dance and practices each dance at least a few times, then moves on to make up her own!
Shes so stinkin cute! Today Rich and I were listening to the people behind us talking about how cute the little one is! Glad shes little so we know its ours they talk about!!
She had so much fun!!!

They got to wear their costumes for Transform ya.. they were so excited and looked so cute!

And this is their ballet dance "The Little Swans" This is their first time performing this one.. you can kinda tell but Maddie did really good!! She made sure to stay on beat!!
I think this is my favorite move.. the tilt of her head is so dang cute!
I was proud of her for finding her way around for a pic!
This ones for Aunt Becki... she got a Tigers Blood snow cone after!!!
Kaden and Rich played a little street hockey.. we like when cars come by so we can say "GAME OFF" and then "GAME ON"

Looking a little to grown up for me WAAAAAHH!
Heres the videos!! I know one is working but I cant get it off of here either WEIRD!!


Becki said...

mmmmmmm ... yummy tigers blood!!! Soooo jealous. Loved the dances Maddie, my favorite is "Putin on the Ritz", I did that same song when I was in tap and we used the canes too but we got to wear top hats!!! You did AWESOME!!!

Norah said...

She rocks!