Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mothers Day to all you fabulous moms out there! Mothers Day is one of those days that you reflect upon yourself, it usually ends up being a day where I feel guilty about not being a good enough mom and question myself. We start the day out great with the kids surprising me with breakfast and it always ends up with us yelling at kids and people crying. Then we end up laughing about it!
I had a really great Mothers Day. We had a super busy day so it was stressful figuring out times and whens and wheres. I had to go to church so Rich took the kids to Kadens baseball tourney. I had lots of alone time while waiting for church, it was so boring! I really realize in those moments how sad my life would be without my kids, even if we were all yelling at each other right before they left! I love and appreciate my kids so much. I am always trying to become better for them. I feel blessed and honored that my Lord trusted me with these sweet little spirits. I often feel like there is no way I am capable of doing a good enough job so I am always pushing myself. I will continue to strive to be better for them because they deserve so much, they are so great!
I wanted to thank all the women I have in my life right now that help me everyday to be a better person spiritually, mentally, and health wise. I have really amazing women in my life that are not just friends to me but family, women that I can look up to. So Happy Mothers Day to you, and thank you for being there for me. I dont think you have to be someones mom to be a mother figure to them. Just like you dont have to be an actually birth mother to be someones real mom. I celebrate these women today!!

Kaden finished his tourney today, lets just say they didnt win and leave it with that! Kaden did get on base again and stole home!!! He was 1 of only 3 that made it in so we are proud of him! He also had a great outfield play! Then we ran him to basketball where they lost there to.. but we did find out there were 8th graders on the team WHAT!!! Anyways he was ok with the loses.. more so than us lol!!

Rich did a great job with having the girls all day! I really appreciate that he took that on, I know its not easy keeping them occupied and watched during a game!! So yeah Mr. Mom!!

Stole home!!!


tamiz said...

It had to be nice to just let Rich do all the running with the kiddos! They need to do that once in a while to realize what a PITB it is! Hope your Mother's Day was awesome. You are an excellent mother. Don't get down on yourself!

Haley L said...

LOVE that pic of you and Kaden! Just look at your kids and all your efforts in motherhood are so obvious. :)

Elizabeth said...

Great pics of you and the kidos! Glad you survived your super busy weekend..and even had some "Time off" too! :)