Sunday, May 16, 2010


We had a gorgeous day!! Love the nice weather!! I was even able to go on a run finally.. and to toot my own horn I did 7 miles WOOHOO!!
After hanging out in the yard playing and doing a bit of yard work we treated ourselves to some tofut*i ice cream!! O YUM! I havent had ice cream in forever so I was pretty excited to try it! We are off to watch the Survivor Finale!!! Im all about the Villians hehe!
Oooo and this is a Malia face when she hasnt had a nap all day... looks like fun huh!


tamiz said...

I think you have two 130's. Sounds like you guys worked your hiney's off today!

Haley L said...

Extra glad about 7 miles now that it's 1:00 a.m. and I'm sitting at work! :) Loved Maddie's videos, btw. That stage was neat!

Angela said...

7 miles? That is great Kris! I am impressed!

Norah said...

I LOVE that ice cream. There are several kinds/brands out there now that are really good. Some are made from coconut milk and are really yummy. And wait a sec, he mows the lawn?!?!??! Gene throws a hissy fit when I ask him to get the blower and blow off the patio or driveway. I gotta tell Mike this...maybe even show him your picture for proof!!!