Friday, May 28, 2010


I am sooo itchy right now!! Im about to scream! We've been working in the yard all evening and OMG the rain can now stop because I have NEVER seen so many weeds! YUCK!!
We put Kaden on the mower and Maddie on Malia play watch so Rich and I could pull weeds, spray and edge. And now my allergies are killing me and I know the kids are going to be horrible.
BUT now the yard looks AMAZING.. every where you look there are green bushes and green trees and we have all of our flowers blooming, even the pond flowers are about to bloom!! YEAH!!
We had a parent meeting at Maddies dance place... there are going to be a lot of changes in how things are ran. Its going to be a lot more time and commitment than even before so we have a lot of juggling to do! YIKES


tamiz said...

They want more? more money, more time, more more more! You are a nice mom!

Angela said...

Love when the kids get old enough to mow! Sorry about your allergies... I hear ya!