Saturday, May 8, 2010


AHHHH!! OK I feel better! So it was a busy day of running around from one kids activity to the next but we got through it.. with some help!
Kadens team had 2 games today and quite honestly the stunk it up. It was hard to watch.
Kaden got up to bat and was walked and actually scored for his team though I think 1 of only 3 runs they got so yeah Kaden! He didnt get much action on the field because the other team was hitting way in the outfield. After the 1st game we had a barbque and then I had to take off but the 2nd game wasnt any better. Owell. Our AA team was playing AAA teams hopefully tomorrow will go better!
I was very proud of Kaden for keeping a good attitude!
The girls were very good and kept themselves entertained!

Off to Maddies performance we went! She had 2 dances, which she has been practicing non stop! And I gotta say I was so proud of her. The other girls kept looking to her for cues on the next steps, she did fantastic! It was so dang cute and fun! There were people watching behind me and I overheard them saying O look at the little one shes so good! That would be Maddie!
Maddie is quite the chest bumper!

I was so pleased with Malia today! She did fabulous! I was so so nervous about having to do all this alone today with her, during nap time, away from our potty, BUT she really did great! No melt downs WOOHOO!!!

So even though it was a very busy day it was a good one! I love getting to see the kids do what they love! I hate that I had to miss some of Kadens game but he was in good hands so thanks to Doug! With Mothers Day approaching I am so thankful that I get to be these wonderful kids mom.. Im very lucky!
I hope you all have a fab Mothers Day!!!
Heres Maddies dance videos!