Monday, May 24, 2010


This is what happens when I clean ALL DANG DAY! I forget to take pictures!
I made Rich take the girls pictures while I supervised Kaden cleaning his room. Malia had already been in bed for 1/2 an hour but yep she was playing in bed, TURD!!
Maddie has a big couple of days ahead with dance so she needs lots of sleep!

Kaden has been quite the slob lately in his room, which is costing him lots of fun. Today I went to steal his ipod only to find once again a MESS! So today after school I went to talk to him about it and made the mistake of opening drawers and closets.. bad idea! For him anyways. 3 hours, 3 bags of trash 1 bag of give away clothes a lot of vacuuming and perhaps a few bad words, and we finally have a clean boy room again!! YEAH!!


Becki said...

I just keep hearing more and more about other boys in his and Dal's age and it really sounds quite normal for them. Not that this will make you happy when his room is a mess, but it might be a little "weird" if it wasn't. C'mon .... try to laugh!!! he he he