Saturday, May 29, 2010


Now that we are able to be outside and take gorgeous green photos I have realized just how depressing it was to take indoor crappy photos during the winter! I was really in a slump the last few months. I have NEEDED this good weather!
I absolutely love what natural light does to a photo. The eyes and skin come alive. Something that you just cant recreate with fake light. So I am once again in love with picture taking!!

On day 3 of summer, Kaden is apparently bored out of his mind. He came out of the garage channeling his inner grandpa and I was laughing my umm head off! It was freaking funny!!! This boy knows how to crack us up!!
I had a few more people that needed head shots today so I had Maddie be my test subject after setting up.. do you think she minded?


Angela said...

Cute sister pictures! And yes, Kaden is a funny kid! I really love all your beautiful outdoor pictures with all the green we have now!