Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I got to go on Maddies field trip today to the Nature and Science Museum. It was an ok field trip, I think a lot of it was over the kids heads so they were kinda bored for most of it.. until we visited the Gems and Minerals.. then they were racing through ewwwing and awwwing! I was also loving it and thinking hmm Rich could go ring shopping in here lol!
I had a blast just getting to spend that time with Madison. I love seeing how she acts with her friends and I am always impressed with how great she is with her friends, loving and caring and sweet and funny! Its so much fun!
The girls were being so silly today with each other. They were pulling their shirts over their heads and cracking up! So cute! And LOVE miss Malia in a wife beater.. so cute!

OMG just 5 more days of school WHAT THE!!!! Im excited of course but what the heck am I gonna do all summer with them!! Kaden will be 12 and a 7th grader.. geesh isnt he still my little baby boy... guess not. I will be crying in the closet with the bag of Easter candy Rich pulled out of the freezer.. NAUGHY (Tami I know your smiling at that one!)


Haley L said...

What a cool picture of Kaden! I need to drag you to the Museum for the Body World exhibit to see the good stuff next time. Glad you had a good day with Maddie. One on one time seems so precious these days!

tamiz said...

My mouth is watering for that stash of Easter candy!!! I know summer is gonna be interesting. I'm nervous too.

Norah said...

I just got used to Gene being a 6th grader, now I have to deal with this 7th grade cr@p ?! : ) The shirt pics are adorable!