Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not exactly smooth sailing

Well this week hasnt been the funnest in our home. We started Tuesday out with Malia getting her finger shut in Maddies bedroom door. When I looked at it it had taken the shap of the door jam and looked crooked then it started to swell so fast and started to bruise so I rushed her to Childrens Urgent care, I thought it was for sure broken. Malia had only cried for a couple minutes after it happened but I could tell she wasnt moving it. When we got to Childrens they gave her juice and got us in a room right away, she didnt like being poked at until the boy doc came in and then she was all grins for him.. even while he moved her poor little finger around! He sent us for XRays and came in shortly after to let us know she was fine!! I was so relieved.. I really didnt need 2 kids in casts! She was such a trooper through the whole thing! They had given her a good dose of Motrin and told me to keep it up for the next few days to help with pain and swelling. She fell asleep on the way home and slept for another 3 1/2 hours and woke up happy as ever. She does every once in awhile bump it and have me kiss it then she says all betta and runs off!
She felt pretty dang cool in the bed watching cartoons eating snacks and drinking juice! It was a cute moment in a very stressful situation!

THEN... yesterday Malia and I were hanging out in my room watching tv and she asked for snacks so I put her on the floor and left to get her grapes, on my way back to my room I heard a bam and screaming I ran in to find her covered in blood.. OMG! She was bleeding from her nose and mouth, I had to stick her in the shower because it wasnt stopping and I was trying to figure out in my head how I was again going to get her to the hospital all by myself. It all of a sudden stopped bleeding and she stopped crying. I figured her teeth had probably gone through her lip but it didnt thank goodness. She does however look like she got in the ring with someone.. seriously it looks horrible...

OUCH!! But seriously after we washed off the blood I was trying to put ice on it and cuddle her on my bed when she saw the grapes on the floor I had dropped and she started asking for them and started doing her happy dance. She hasnt complained about it since.. she is a tuff girl for sure!! Her face looks even worse today its so bruised it just really breaks my heart every time I look at it.
But does this girl look sad... nope she was all smiles and is today too!

Even though we've had a ruff week, the kids have been having lots of fun. The other night Malia found Maddie in the tub and emidiatly started stripping down.. she tried to jump in with her panties still on.. so I went ahead and let her get in and omg this girl had a blast!!!!

Maddie was happy to have a pal to play with her new water toys!
She kept closing the door so I couldnt take her out! lol

Love this one!

Thank goodness I have happy kids cuz I on the other hand am DONE FINISHED SPENT! I am exhausted, I feel totally warn down and like a total failure mother. I had a poor me session last night and had a bit of a melt down.. until Malia came up to me and kept hugging me and said I luv you much momma over and over again.. how could I stay down with that!! Shes to cute! Love her much too!
I am preparing for my project 365 challenge. Which means I will post everyday next year with pictures from that day.. I cant post old pics unless Im posting new ones too! I might change that a little and try to put in my own goals or own challenges. I had a few bloggy friends do this this year and only 1 was able to complete the challenge. I am hoping I can do it, I really need to find some motivation and get out of the funk that I have been in this year. I will start my posts with something I am grateful for. Im hoping to complete but Im going to need help so please post comments and help keep me motivated! Are you ready for 365 of me.. maybe not me but my kids!!
Heres to hoping we have no more trips to ER!! I hope you all have a great New Years Eve.. dont drink and drive!!


Tirsa said...

Oh, poor baby! So glad all is o.k. And, don't forget that Blaine is a NP in a pediatric ER so if you ever want him to look at something that you aren't sure about an ER trip on, give us a call!

Elizabeth said...

Oh poor Malia!but most of all poor you!! Maybe the series of accidents in "3" are done now! :) Good luck to the 365 day challenge! I think I will try the 30day for me to start with! If I can even do that...

tamiz said...

Yes, you've done your fair share of Dr. visits for the year. I know there's no way I can keep up with a challenge like that. I'll try to at least keep up with the commenting.