Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

We had a great Christmas, the kids got spoiled, there were lots of laughs and excitement!! We started out on Christmas Eve which our exchange tradition. We draw names and go shopping that night then go to dinner, come home and wrap and exchange. Its lots of fun and the kids get really into it!! This year Rich drew Kadens name, he got him a hat and some cool shades!
He has worn these glasses in the house all day today.. when should I tell him hes not a celeb??

Malia had Maddies name, she chose a purse and a notepad and lip stick.. it was a big hit!

I had Malias name.. I was excited because its so much more fun shopping for the girls than the boys.. sorry its true! She got a purse with an M and a little monkey, she loved it!

After we all exchanged (Rich got a jacket from Kaden and I got a running suit and jammies from Maddie) another tradition is to open new jammies.. the kids LOVE new jammies and they all looked super adorable!
As with anything she puts on, Maddie felt pretty sassy!
Then we all sat down while Rich read "Twas the night before Christmas"

Malia was loving the story!

When we sent the kids to bed we told them to wake up at 6 and no earlier!! Well little did I know that Miss Malia thought waking up at 5 would be a better idea! When I went to get her out of bed she yelled daddy presents daddy presents.. how the HECK did she know that!! It was pretty dang funny!!
So after brushing teeth and going potty the kids were all ready to see what Santa brought... Malia headed right to Kadens stuff where she began to open a gift, we quickly rerouted her and she was excited to see a new baby! I picked it up in NY and FAO and it is an amazingly cute Asian baby, which is very hard to find.. I was pretty excited! So was Malia!
Malia was loving on her new kitchen and toys!

Kaden noticed right away the frame with all of the NFL today show peeps signing his jersey, honestly I was surprised he caught on so fast! He was sooo excited!
Checking out the signatures.. he was most excited about Shannon Sharpe

All Maddie wanted was drawing stuff and a horse.. she was extremely happy!
This pic cracks me up.. Maddie has been begging for a snuggie forever.. I have refused to get her one but I saw one at the store and decided sure, why not. Glad I did because her reaction to a stupid snuggie was awesome!
After trying to steal Maddies horse Malia found her puppy and has been loving on it a ton!
Maddies big xmas gift was a karaoke machine, it took quite awhile for her to even realize it was there in her pile and once she did she was so excited and started singing and singing!

After about an hour of opening this was our disaster, YIKES!
Playing with baby! She was trying to get her to dance.. to cute!
How bout a wet kiss!
Kaden got sour candy in his stalking.. this was him realizing the fuzzy sourness.. SO FUNNY!
Playing iwth my new camera and lens!! SOOO LOVING IT!! I love her serious face!
I got this hat for Maddie in NY, shes not loving it but I had to have a pic of it!
The boys playing OGO?? Its actually really fun.. they got up to 58 hits I think!!
Maddie got some moon sand.. she was loving it!
Malia is dancing to Maddies music, she was rocking out!
Kaden got Rock band beetles.. we LOVE IT!!
Maddie was killing it on the drums!

Drumming is serious business
Malia is the back up dancer for all of us!
He really loves his glasses!
After lots of game playing we finally had our pie.. it was awesome, I am still full from all the yummy food we ate!! Malia is a big fan of the pie!
We had a great Christmas, the kids were all happy which makes me happy! I hope you all had a great Christmas too! Heres the rest of our pics.. Blogger and slide are being a pain and I cant get all my photos to upload! GRR


Haley L said...

I was dying to see Kaden's reaction to that jersey. It was obviously a hit. So awesome!! Glad you had a great day.