Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New York New York

Warning this will be a long post.. feel free to just look at pics!
I got back from my trip to New York last night!! I had the absolute best time it was just amazing! I went with my bestie Tami, just the 2 of us on our own, neither of us have ever been to NY before but we did freaking awesome for being 1st timers! I am not a good traveler I am a stay at homer I love my own bed my own potty I hate flying BUT a free trip to NY somewhere that I have dreamed of going I felt was worth the trouble!!
I will try to go through my days in order!!
We started out by sleeping at a hotel near the Airport on Friday night so that we wouldnt have to get up as early to get to the airport. Our flight left about 8:30 Saturday morning with no problems. We touched down in NY around 2:30 and easily found our driver from Divo Limo service.. he had my name on a sign.. I will admit to feeling pretty awesome!! Kinda funny side note, we tried to get a picture with him a couple times and he kept weasel his way out of them and just taking them of us.. it was kinda weird!
Anyways we got our bags and off we went to our Hotel. Drivers in NY are CRAZY we saw people hitting other cars and then just taking off.. we saw this I think 4 different times YIKES!!
There was soo many different people walking on the streets that it took our driver a very long time to get us to our hotel, they had roads closed so that we couldnt drive because so many people were walking around, kinda overwhelming!! Once we got to our Hotel.. the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, we got on our robes jumped on the bed!! It was fun!!
We quickly decided to start exploring... Tami had memorized maps and directions for everything thank goodness and she led us to Times Square. It was awesome we walked blocks and blocks to check out as much as we could, it was really cool!
Here we are in the car.

This is the view from our room!

In our room... there are a lot of self portraits.. not all great but hey we did them ourselves!
After we walked around time square we went to dinner at Roxy's it was super crowded and not great service but it was a fun place. We then headed off to our Broadway show Avenue Q. I wont say a lot about the show other than it was pretty funny. I think we were really surprised about some of the language and other things that came from the puppets.. still it was really fun and we had amazing seats, 3rd row center, that was awesome!!
On our way back to the hotel after the show we decided to do a rickshaw ride. The guy was hilarious and was hitting on us big time, he asked us what we were doing, if we were gonna go party and I jokingly said O ya all night.. he then said he had nothing to do and we could party with him, we looked at each other and didnt say anything while he continued to petal.. A few minutes later he turned around and again said really I dont have any partners tonight you can be my partners... OMG we started busting up laughing, he had a Italian accent was a skinny dark haired sweat pant wearing 28ish looking dude and for real I almost pee'd my pants it was to funny.. I let him know OUR partners wouldnt appreciate that and he said O you are married and we said yes.. you have kids.. yes OOO you dont look old enough to have kids.. Yep we do.. really he said I thought you were 21 22 and I told him we married plastic surgeons and its all about the botox LOL!! It was so funny for real!! So if you hear me in my worst accent saying You can be my partners.. I am wearing my sweat pants, this is what I am referring to!!
Anyways we went home and hit the sack we were so tired, and we ended up sleeping in it was awesome!!
Sunday we had a schedule to keep to so after we woke up we hurried and got ready so that we could cross the street to go to Central Park. It was really neat being so close and yes Im braggin!! We walked around a bit, it smelled a lot like umm pooo of different animals and we decided to hurry and go get our Handsome Cab Ride which was pretty fun!! We knew we had to do all the "New York" things and our horse ride was one we couldnt miss!

The rink is right across from our hotel pretty much, it was cool. That light green tree is HUGE and so pretty! There were a lot of lessons going on.

Our horse.. didnt catch his name!
He was "flirting" with me his master dude said.

On our ride
It was crazy being in the huge park and seeing huge buildings everywhere, it was oddly beautiful
On our ride
After our ride we took off on foot to CBS. We weren't exactly sure what they had planned for us we both felt like it would be the obligation part of our trip but it ended up being the best part. They were awesome to us and we got to see so much! When we got there our lady Doris took us for a tour, then we hung out in the green room for a little bit where they had tons of food for us and by us I mean us and a family of four and then they found out some of Boomers kids (some Charity type deal people) would be there too. Then we went for another longer tour, we got to see the CBS morning show set and they had just taken it down but they turned back on the lights to everything so we could see it all.. I was really impressed with how everyone went out of their way for us, I thought they would just be annoyed!
Then we got to see the set of the NFL today show were the were rehearsing for their show that was about to start. Before our tour we had heard whisperings of Mark Ingram being there who had just won the Heisman Trophy the night before there in Times square while we were in TS!! SO AWESOME. So while we were there watching them rehearse, which was way cooler than I thought it would be they all of a sudden brought in this....
Mark Ingrams trophy!! We were like WHAT!!! So then we saw him walk in and sit down with the guys.. it was so neat to be a part of that. I dont think you have to be a huge Football fan to realize how neat that was!! We got to take lots of pics and had to dodge cameras and sets moving all around us while the warmed up. It was really funny to all of a sudden see Dan Marino get up and walk around, he had a really nice suit tie shirt on and then stood up and we could see he was wearing some old jeans and sneakers.. so funny! Shannon Sharpe, a previous Broncos player that I really loved is also on the show, this dude knows how to dress he is a sharp looking guy.. pun intended!! We also saw Boomer he came to talk to his "kids" who were adult men with 2 teen boys?? and he came off as quite a dink I did not like him but that dude is HUGE!! After watching for about 30 minutes we left back to our green room to watch the show and eat food!
Heres Mark sitting with they guys.
All over the halls they have old posters. I love B&W's they were really cool!
When we got back to the green room there on the couch was MARK!! We looked at each other and went HOLY CRAP!! We knew we had to get a pic but didnt want to be annoying so we were either going to sneak a phone pic or ask permission.. so Tami asked Dorris if we could get a pic so it was quite the whispered process, she had to go to his people who whispered and after a few minutes we got a whispered OK.. so they told us to hurry and grab our camera!! We didnt want to bug him or act like annoying freaks and didnt even expect to get a pic with him just wanted to snap one of him but he stood up and we went and stood by him when he put his arms around us and pulled us next to him.. ya that was awesome!! He was so so nice I told him congrats and good job and he said thank you so much he was so nice and very shy and maybe a little overwhelmed. I am really excited to follow him now!! I will say that after the other group came in and saw him they were not so nice about him being there they just went up and started taking pics and handing him things to autograph... I was embarrassed for them that they acted like it was now his job, where as Tami and I wanted to respect his privacy and asked for permission!
LOVE this pic I think I will frame it!! Kaden was super excited about all of this.. he already knew his life story and who he was!
During our tour we got to see the CBS News set.. we got to sit at Katie Courics desk.. NOT IN her chair though. There is a rule that nobody and touch her chair so the covered it and took it off the set LOL we thought that was a little lame. It was this room filled with all these fancy computer operated cameras and then you looked at the carpet and surrounding things that looked really old and crappy... it was really weird!
I could never be a serious News person! Maybe I could work with Joel on The Soup!
After watching the show live we got to go back to the set for more pics and autographs!! When it was our turn they told the guys we were from Denver and Shannon yelled DENVER and I said yeah Denver wut wut and he high fived me and grabbed my hand and pulled me next to him... umm ya that was awesome.. little crush on him! His arms are the size of my legs his is a good lookin dude! After pics they came down and started signing things people brought!
Now shhhhh dont say a word but we bought Kaden a personalized jersey for xmas and I took it to get signed.. it was a pretty big deal to get things signed and we wasnt sure if it would get done but they all signed it!! And I took pics of them doing it!
Even Boomer the turd!
Dan Marino said uuhh a Broncos jersey and kinda cringed and I said OO just close your eyes and sign it wont hurt and he laughed and signed it! It was funny! Shannon was right in front of me and laughed too! He also pinched my bumm and winked and asked for my number.. o right that was a day dream! LOL Sorry Rich just jokes!
Mustach dude lol
And my fav.. Shannon!
After that was done we went back to the green room and got our stuff to leave, we could have stayed all day and watched the games but we didnt have any desire for that!! We had plans! When we got to the door we saw that it was PORING down rain.. we had no umbrellas hats NOTHING!! So we walked quite a few blocks and finally found a store with umbrellas, we then took off towards our bus tour. We were pretty bummed that it was raining and even though we were on the top level of the bus we couldnt see because of the rain so we went to the farthest seast that were covered so we could get better shots!

It was still raining so much that I didnt take out my camera for much. We also didnt get out as much as we thought we skipped Soho and lots of other "good" places because of the rain. We did end up getting out in China Town only to discover that if you dont know where the good spots of China town are its not worth the walk in the rain. So my boots were full of water and I had to go to a store and buy new ones! We walked all the way to ground zero, where they have everything fenced off so you cant see anything anyways. We did go into the church where all the firefighters and police would go to rest, they have a memorial there. It was a very emotional place and you could feel the heart ache in there.. it was not a place that felt like pictures should be taken so we didnt.
We then went and found our bus stop and got on. We skipped the Statue of Liberty and other places we had planned to visit because the visibility was about a 0 because of fog and rain... bummer but thats ok! We did get out at Rockefeller center to see the tree! It was big and pretty but other than that not so impressive!
Here is our hotel in the dark rain!!
After our wet tour we were starving.. we left our hotel at 9 in the morning and got done at about 6-7 it was a lot of walking and getting soaken wet so before we went back to the hotel we stopped at Mickey Mantels to eat some much needed food.. btw I keep calling him Mickey Rorke Mickey Rooney.. LOL!!
This is our Hotel hallway
After we got home we were exausted so we got in our jammies called our fams and just layed in bed for a couple hours until we couldnt keep our eyes open!
Monday morning we knew we didnt have long and we had a few more things to do.. We wanted to get to FAO Schwartz which was just next door pretty much and also needed to get souvineers. So here is FAO which was the coolest place LOVED all the need animals and toys!
Sorry out of order.. this was Times Square
FAO guardOh us at Times Square again!
Me at Avenue Q on this cool chair.. loved the chair even though it was GROSS.. we did a LOT of sanitizing!
Monday morning we had time to finally check out Bergdorf Goodmans.. the window displays were amazing.. for real the creativity that goes into these windows is just awesome.. the all seemed to have an Alice in Wonderland theme.
I think you would need a whole day to stare at these to see all the amzing details
Back at CBS in the green room.. lots and lots of big tvs
This was our view of the Empire State building.. we didnt even realize we were there until we were pulling away! You couldnt even see the top it was to foggy and rainy which was a bummer
I dont remember where this was lol

On Monday we were running out of time before our driver was going to be there to pick us up but we still hadnt made it to any of the amazing cupcake places we had wanted to go so we decided to hurry and take off to find CRUMBS!! It ended up only taking us 10 minutes to get to it because we pretty much ran! And OMG these cupcakes are gorgeous and now that we are home they are delicious!! YUMMM so worth the run!
I had an amazing trip, I had so much fun with Tami, she is amazing and so smart and I knew I didnt need to worry about anything because shes just so damn smart!!
When we got to the airport we saw that her flight was delayed a bit which had us taking off 1 minute apart!! We also found out that our gates were right next to each other, so we got to hang out the last 2 hours in the airport reading our books... which we had gotten the same one so that we could discuss it while we were flying there and during our trip! Good book btw thanks Erica.. its called The Lovely Bones.. GOOD BOOK!! Anyways I got called to load first and before I even got on the plane Tami texted that she was on hers. Both her flights were supposed to be delayed so I felt really bad that she was going to have such a long day. Turns out my flight sucked WORSE!! We were about to take off when the plance stopped lights turned off and they finally told us they had computer problems.. huh! Then they told us we were to heavy so they took fuel off then so we would have to then go to a different airport to fuel up HUH!! So we sat for 2 1/2 hours flew to St. Louis where we fueled up. Then we headed to Denver FINALLY.. my 3 1/2 hour trip ended up taking 8 1/2 hours.. I was stuck in the plane for that long and it was horrible and I am exausted today! Tami had a super long day too though.
BUT we had an amazing once in a lifetime trip so the horrible flight doesnt even matter! Thanks CBS and King Sooper and to our Husbands who did amazing jobs playing stay at home dads! And a big thanks to Tami for going with me!!!


Tirsa said...

I'm so glad that you had SUCH A GREAT TIME!!! I have to admit, I'm surprised there weren't more reports of shopping!!!

Melissa said...

Wow! Sounds like such a fun trip! Did you win something or have connections to get into CBS?

Haley L said...

You guys packed enough in a few days than most do in a couple weeks. Impressive! My lips are sealed about the jersey. Shannon Sharpe is the best!!

Angela said...

That looks like a trip you will always remember! How fun! Lots of great pictures too!

Erica said...

Sounds like so much fun!! I would love the chance to go someday. I love all the fun things that you got to do at CBS- that isn't something that just anyone can experience. FUN, FUN!!

shelly said...

Sounds like you had an Awesome trip! I love NY- glad you got to go. :)

Norah said...

That was a detailed post, but I HAD to read it cause you crack me up... especially the part about your bumm...hehehehe. Very fun, all of it....well except the flight back.