Monday, December 7, 2009

A winter weekend

We had a pretty busy, cold weekend! It started out with a morning photo shoot for me. It was cold but we got it done pretty quick it was nice! It was a family with teen daughters so it was point shoot and move on!!

After a afternoon of editing it was time to get Madison ready for her performance with her dance company. They did it for our towns tree lighting ceremony. Lets just say that it was freezing they had to dance outside in a small space with snow on the ground! Madison was AMAZING they started her in the wrong place but she quickly found her spot and danced so good! She is such a trooper and didnt even complain about being cold.. meanwhile there are people walking around with snow suits on and she is in leggings and a dress! AND she looked so dang cute, I didnt end up getting any pics only video but man is she cute!

After her performance the girls got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus!! Malia gave them both big smiles then squirmed off Mrs. Clause lap and was done. It was fun! Then we saw the reindeer and ran to the car to defreeze!


Big smiles for mom!

Cutest little dancer!

Kaden was a trooper too!

Malia like the "moos"

On Sunday we all dressed up for church in our Christmas best! The girls of course were darling.. Kaden does not want to be called darling but he looked super handsome! I tried to get some quick shots before we ran out the door to church! I am determined to get a better shot of the girls in their fun skirts! Which Ive been asked who made them.. I got them from a seller on Etsy she was amazing to work with she did them super fast for me and they are so cute! You can find her here
I love Maddies face in this!

My kids are cute!
Sunday night we went to a friends house to decorate gingerbread houses! Something they do every year with friends. She makes the houses all by herself even carves in all the detailing.. amazing! We let the kids at it and they did a great job!! It was lots of fun!
They were pretty proud of themselves! The house is destroyed now.. it tastes way to good to waste so weve all been snacking on it!

Now I get to have a busy week of getting ready for NY! Yep thats right have I not mentioned that!! Ya I get to go to NY with Tami this weeked.. Im dang excited! I will write more about that maybe tomorrow!!


The Ellington's said...

Rich, Kaden looks just like you. I cannot believe it. Love the pics of the girls... looks like Malia is having blast and doing well!