Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did I mention...

I got a new camera!!! Yep Rich got me a new camera for Christmas but every year if he has gotten me something good he cant handle not giving it to me! So on Saturday night we were watching tv and he said I bet I can excite you with 1 finger.. I thought he was talking kinky (sorry folks) and I said umm no you cant! He said yes I can look.. and pointed to a box, he indeed excited me with 1 finger it was a new Nikon D-90 kit!! I knew I was getting a lens that I was coveting so a new camera was a complete surprise!! Im pretty excited and now I gotta spend some time learning some new functions! I booked 3 sessions today so I gotta learn fast! Heres what weve been up to the last few days with my new camera... these pics arent great and special they are hurry and grab the camera moments.. so dont judge!
So the first morning with my camera I busted out this blurry shot of Malia helping Rich with breakfast!
Oh cheese!

She was pretty happy with herself!

Maddie can turn anything into a fun outfit..

And Malia will follow her lead and wear daddys tie!

Who doesnt want to wear a bow on their head?
Maddie has had this snaggle tooth for a few months.. her teeth are pretty small. But when 1 tooth is missing the other looks umm large. So Sunday it was barely hanging in there and we tried to get her to let us pull it all day, she was not feeling it!

There were tears just talking about it.
Malia was concerned..
Then decided to make fun of her.
After finally tricking her into "checking how loose it was" Rich finally yanked it out and after a few minutes she forgave him and was pretty happy!
Of course while on break you must do crafts!
Like painting bobble head puppies!
Malia woke up in an off mood on Monday and finally I just sat and cuddled her and she fell asleep. She NEVER does this she has to sleep in her own bed. I realized she must not feel well and she now has a nose running like a faucet.. sadly after a few days of whining I start to loose my patience with the whining so Im hoping she wakes up a happy non-snot nosed baby!
Even though she didnt feel good I was pretty happy about her falling asleep on me! I did lots of extra cuddling!
Yesterday I spent about 8 hours in the kitchen making different treats. I had to go to 3 different stores to find all the ingredients that I should have been able to find at 1, but the stores are insane right now.. hated shopping this week, totally stressful I wanted to cry every time lol!
I finally got the kids to help finish some treats!
They of course loved helping!

Today we woke to snow.. awesome to have a white Christmas but man it isnt stopping! And it is COLD!
The kids headed over to friends house to brave the snow! To cold for me I shot from the door!
Kaden has been a big helper with the shoveling! Tonight after it started to stick on the driveway again he headed back out.. after getting about half way done her realized it was covering all over again! YIKES!
Look at all the snow in the air.. crazy!
I love this one!
Tonight during a brief happy moment Malia had lots of fun playing with Maddie.. she was cheesing me here! I love when she gives me the cheeeese!
I just adore both of their giggles and you put them together and it sounds like music.. so cute!
Malia got pretty lovey and gave Mad a big smooch!

My girl is gorgeous!
And so is this one! She loves wearing her hats btw! She was ticked when I made her take it off for nap.. silly girl!
Maddie makes a great horse, and she loves giving Malia rides.
Even after getting bucked off she is pretty dang happy and wants back on!
Im thinking about doing the 365 challenge to help motivate me a little bit.. Im gonna try to talk myself out of it though! BUT having to do these big long posts after being a slacker for a week at a time is getting a little old to! Im hoping to play with my camera some more and get better pics in the coming weeks! I do love it.. thanks babe!


Norah said...

Oooh, a 365 yr, eh? Love the post. Very fun. And oh, that face as she was sleeping on you! Precious.

tamiz said...

Why oh why must we be separated at the holidays??? Didn't realize it was going to be hard since we were together at Thanksgiving... ugh!! Love and miss you guys!