Monday, December 21, 2009

Seasons of Love.. Maddies recital

Madison Liberty.. her name will be in lights one day, I have no doubt about this. She is a superstar!! On Saturday she had her 1st Winter Gala as a company member!! She has been such a trooper this season with her 3 classes a week. Learning 4 dances for this Gala and then others for upcoming events. Her teachers are always telling me what a fast learner she is and how much they love her. Last week 1 of her teachers told me I needed to seriously get her into modeling because of how darn cute she is and how fun her personality she has.. I agree but no modeling for her!!
Maddie was super excited for her recital, they have worked so hard. She did an amazing job. There were a few mess ups here and there from the girls but all in all they did a great job especially without having a teacher on the side showing them the moves.. they had to do it all by themselves. There were a few times where some of her team mates were forgetting and so you see Maddie pointing and telling them what to do.. so funny! Shes pretty sweet and easy going but after 1 of the dances she was pretty ticked that the girl messed up.. I quickly talked her down I was so surprised how intense she got for a second!

Having fun with dad during the intermission.. he was all grins and so proud of Miss Maddie
Our little Super Star with her flowers from dad

I was a backstage mom, helping with any thing any of the girls needed.. it was fun but I was bummed to have to watch Maddie from the curtains.
Isnt she the cutest!
This is Maddie and her friend Kinley.. who is about 6 months younger but a whole head taller.
Sassy girl
Maddie was the only girl with glasses issues.. her nose was just to small to hold them on so we had to tie them to her head but they still slid off during her dance.
I dont have to mention how much she loves the makeup part right!
This was her first dance.. Is Zat you Santa Claus. This was a tap number. She is in the middle there..

A little shimmy
This was her second dance. Hoe down, a ballet number (BTW I took all these pics during rehearsal because we arent allowed during the show) Umm check out her guns in these pics she is seriously so tone and buff just makes me so jealous!... yes Im jealous of my 6 year old!
See what I mean! And dang shes cute!
Some air action!.. not the best photos my camera was not ok with the lighting and I didnt have time to sit and mess with it.
This was her 3rd dance, WORLD a hip hop/jazz number

She dances all the way to the tips of her fingers.. love it!

And her final dance, Seasons of Love. The whole company danced together it was really neat and gives me chills every time I watch, the song is so neat and Maddie did great watching out for all those big girls!
She gets nervous with this dance and watches the big girls to make sure she doesnt mess up or get in their way.
End pose
And here are the videos.. enjoy!


Haley L said...

That WORLD dance was my fav! I can't imagine being 6 and having to memorize 4 dances. She did so good! Still can't believe that my kid is so tall. I think I need a copy of that pic. :)

tamiz said...

I agree with Haley on the memorization! She's just a year older than Silas and there's no way he'd be capable of that in a year!! YAY Maddie... I'm blowing you a kiss and giving you the two handed wave!!! Love that part still!

Norah said...

She is so beautiful! Her eyes are stunning with makeup. Watch out! I can't wait to go check out the videos.