Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Kaden Update

Well the last couple days have been long ones. Its really hard seeing your baby all broken and hurt and actually its been even harder seeing how strong he is. I cant even express how strong he has been, no complaining no whining, hes just been putting on a strong face. It still just breaks my heart knowing now that he spent that first night not sleeping and in pain and he didnt come tell us TURD!!
Anyways today we went to see an ortho specialist. The doctor was really cool, very quirky nerdy little dude who had us both laughing... that was nice! He looked at the xrays and let us know what was going on with the bone and what would most likely happen. To be honest most of that went right through me but what I gather is that he expects Kaden to heal really nice but they will have to keep a close on it because of it being broke on the growth plate.
In 1 week we will go back for xrays and a possible cast change. And after he sees those xrays that will determine where we go from there.
He did have to get a hard cast put on, he expects that to stay on for 4 weeks maybe 6. The doctor was teasing him that all they had was pink which Kaden actually would have been ok with but he choose blue... he says pink is cool and lots of boys in school have chosen pink casts.. kinda funny!!
Probably the best part of the visit for Kaden was hearing the ok that he could continue with bball. He will go to practice on Monday and if his xrays look ok and like nothing was messed up from practice he will have the go ahead. We dont know if he will be allowed to play in the first couple of games because of his cast because of safety issues but he most likely will only miss a couple games!!
So he went to school and got his cast all signed. Its always a bummer but at the same time kinda cool to have a cast right!
Im just so proud of how he is handling all of this. Makes me sad to realize what a big boy he is to be able to go through this without any tears.. except in the middle of the night when he was in pain.. dang it!
Here he is yesterday after school.. he was knocked out and exausted after getting no sleep

And here he is tonight with his cast

Ive included pics of the girls.. they were playing really cute tonight. I love when Malia gets in on the action. Maddie is always trying to get her to play what she wants but it doesnt usually work but they were just so cute tonight!!

The girls both got balloons yesterday at the dentist office.. Maddie got a great report!! No cavities!! We tried to get Malias teeth looked at but she was really freaked out, so we will try again next year! She still got a balloon and a tooth brush out of it!!

Not a great pic but hello her hair is getting long again! I was ready to get it cut but Im thinking I might not.. hmmmm

Maddie was preparring her game for Malia


alison said...

What a brave guy K is!

tamiz said...

EWWWW I just saw this and your last post! No more accidents for that boy this weekend! Momma needs a stress free weekend. How will his concert work with the cast???

Norah said...

Awwww, poor Kaden!