Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tree lighting and more

They are pretty dang cute right!! Those smiles make me smile! Weve had a good week so far. Malia was in a MUCH better mood yesterday and especially today. I feel like finally today she is back to her normal happy self.. it was awesome! I kept thinking O right this is what your normal is, I like your normal!!
And for real my girls are the cutest dang girls ever!

Malia is learning to cheese for the camera.. but today she added some spirit fingers everytime I said cheese lol so cute

We put up our "forest" or Christmas trees on Sunday. It was lots of fun. I love putting on Christmas music and getting in the mood for the Holiday. We all have our own tree to decorate and they each have their own themes, its pretty when its all set up and I love it!
These are out of order.. sorry! Here I am showing Malia the ornaments.. she was freaked out by Santa, some of you may remember him from last year. Yes hes still scares the crap out of her.. Ill try to get video!
Love that happy cheese.. Malias nose and upper lip looks horrible, poor girls nose wont stop running.

Topping the main tree
Malia found a noise maker!
Maddie was a bit scared this year but got it up there
So serious, her tree is the reindeer/candy cane tree!

Kadens tree is the snow man tree.. he did a great job!
Malias tree is the everything else tree.. she did a good job but kept telling us ouchies, when the tree would poke her, so cute!

We had a sick house this weekend so we all stayed home and in jammies but when we heard Maddie rocking out in her room we went and joined her!
We had a split off... Maddie won OUCH!!

Malia got in on the action


Haley L said...

Love the multiple trees. Looks gorgeous! You are so good to pull out the camera for these occasions. I always forget!

Melissa said...

Cracks me up that Malia knows what spirit hands are! Cute pics!