Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kadens 5th metacarpal??

See his little sausage finger..
Last night Kaden came home from Basketball and said he jammed his finger, he wasn't crying or saying it hurt but we could see it was swollen... we sent him to shower and to bed.
This morning he came upstairs and I could tell his eyes were swollen from crying, I asked what was wrong and if he had been crying and he said he had a hard time sleeping and that he woke up and his finger was stuck in a down position.. ut oh!
I figured that was bad but still thought it was probably a bad sprain, I got online and read and it said for bad sprains you sometimes need an x-ray.
Well Kaden did not want to miss his 1st hour of school so I let him go but told him I would check him out at lunch. I was stressed out all morning and decided I couldn't wait, the weather was horrible and I was just getting really overwhelmed so I called Liz and she came and grabbed Malia for me THANK YOU!! And I went and grabbed him. After 2 hours of waiting he got his x-rays and we overheard the DR asking for the orthopedic surgeons opinion.. I knew that meant trouble. So she came in and let us know he broke it and let us see the x-ray. She pointed to the spot and said the word growth plate.. huh YIKES!! So ya he broke his left pinky at the growth plate. So now we have to go to a specialist tomorrow for further instructions.
I feel horrible about Kaden being broken all night and not sleeping, he didn't even come wake us up.. poor kid just suffered in silence. He is a tuff little dude! He was all smiles until they had to splint it and I could tell he was hurting but he was so tuff like really so tuff! So proud of him!
I sure hope he recovers fast and that his finger will grow normal!
Here he is waiting


Haley L said...

Fingers crossed (sorry, bad pun)that he can keep playing ball! I hurt just looking at that first pic!

shelly said...

Ouch! Poor kid- I hope everything turns out alright!

Elizabeth said...

Malia was great at my house and Blake loved playing with "Yee-ah". That is what he kept calling her. Too cute! Glad I could be there to help out! Poor Kaden...that just looks like it hurts!