Thursday, January 15, 2009

11 years and counting!

11 years ago on a very snowy day, Rich and I said I do. Today 11 years later I still say I do just not as nice hehehe! For your enjoyment and laughter this is how it all began...
While Rich was in the army we wrote letters to each other almost everyday for a year. We also would include photos sometimes. Rich's were always muscle man photos mine hmm not so much... yes the hat was on backwards but boy did I feel HOT! lol
MMMMhmmm ladies thats what I married! BTW neither of us were into country type stuff so Im not sure why we both were thinking cowboy hats were in and apparently sexy!

This is a couple months after we were engaged

O the wedding day. We didnt have the most fancy wedding.. actually it was pretty white trash but it worked and we were young and poor lol!

Ahh the happy couple
Posing in front of the cake

O to have those collar bones back!

My scanner isnt working so these photos dont look great... also I cant find my album with more of our older photos but there ya have it. Happy and married 11 years later.... and they said it wouldnt last HAHAHA suckers! I love you Rich thanks for asking me to be your wife, Im a lucky girl.


Angela said...

Those pictures are great! It is so fun to see where we came from and where we are now. By the way, I have my own cowboy hat picture that I am not willing to post. Maybe someday... :) Congrats to you and Rich and may there be many more.

tamiz said...

Oh happy day! You guys are great. We love you!

Erica said...

WOW 11 years? Congrats!! Thanks for sharing all those treasured pictures.

Norah said...

Happy 11 ! My oh my what sexy cowfolk you two make ; ). Seriously though, happy 11 to one hot couple!