Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free time

Now that Maddie has a new dance schedule we are finding more free time for all of us.. its so dang nice! Maddie loves dance but I have realized how nice it is to have her home more and she seems to really be enjoying it too!
I am spending less time in the car and that means more time for all of us to be together.. we even have been having dinner together almost every night woohoo!!
This pic is for a friend who knows its time to take the plunge and get the paper work going but I understand how scary change is.. but seriously come on now!!
Free time = The kids sliding down the stairs.. on each other? hmmm

*No children were harmed in the making of this photo!!


tamiz said...

hmmmm... how to comment on that. Well, glad you have more time with Miss Maddie! I have to go volunteer in Silas' class today for their Thanksgiving feast. I'll be done at 10:30 though.

Elizabeth said...

glad you all have more free time!! I am so ready for that..sometime soon! :) Maddie looks so cute with Lucy!

Angela said...

Look at that cute little Malia in her fancy coat! Great pictures of having fun free time together!