Friday, November 19, 2010

O V E R I T !!!!

Some of you may have seen I wrote a little about this earlier on my FB.
I am so over hearing about men cheating in the news and from friends. Seriously what is with this culture of cheating?? I cant even grasp this idea of men cheating, multiple times until the poor wife either finally finds out or finally gives up!
A man is NEVER worth staying around for after he has dipped his stick in someone else.. sorry completely crude of me but holy smokes people!
Rich and I were watching the news the other day and there was a blip that about 40% of Americans find marriage obsolete.. uh scuze me!! What the heck!! Isnt marriage still a priority for most people.. obsolete.. BARF!!
I cant even imagine living a life without Rich or not having the promises that were made between us. Come on people. I think the celebrity culture of getting married and divorced is sadly catching on. It makes me sad and makes me sick. I grew up in a home were there was cheating and it was sick, I honestly never wanted to get married, I had the opinion that everyone must cheat, I didnt have great examples of marriage and never wanted to deal with that. I thought I would be in the army and who knows what lol!
I just keep hoping the tides will change and marriage will become a priority again to everyone. It needs to stop being something that everyone gets divorced because of a disagreement or because "you grew apart" or all those other lame excuses. Men and women need to be faithful!
Marriage is WORK its HARD and sometimes SUCKS!! BUT we need to start being better examples for our children.. if this trend of getting married and turning around for a quicky divorce as a first choice doesnt stop I am so afraid of what will happen to my kids or their kids.
No more cheating people!!! As I said before any ol douche bag can cheat, it takes a REAL man one with integrity, honesty, love, and self esteem to remain faithful and keep promises to the commitments and covenants made.
I am sooo thankful that I ended up married to a wonderful man who isnt a cheater!! I dont know if its because he is so amazing, or maybe because I am so amazing hehe or because he knows I would rip his balls off if he ever did cheat!! AHAHA
Ok Ive got that off my chest phewww!


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Erica said...

Love it- you know it's because your awesome. :)

J/K Rich!! ;)

Angela said...

I was having lunch with Dillon on Friday and out of the 10 kids at his table, all but 2 of their parents were divorced! (and one of the 2 was Dillon!) I was shocked!

I just read this recently: "If your parents were divorced, you're at least 40 percent more likely to get divorced than if they weren't. If your parents married others after divorcing, you're 91 percent more likely to get divorced."

I really hope that things can turn around! The saddest thing to me is seeing all the kids that are affected by their parents choices. Okay... I have said enough... LOL