Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cat lady

I promise not to turn into a cat lady but shes really sweet! She pretty much hid all day again today but tonight after Malia went to bed she decided to come out and play and was loving the attention! She so far has finally pee'd in her box and Im hoping tomorrow to find a number twosie.. its like having a freaking baby who am I!? LOL
Anyways we are really enjoying her! She seemed to be a lot more relaxed tonight!

Malia isnt nuts about the cat like I thought she would be, she goes nuts whenever she sees dogs so I thought it would be the same but its so nice not having to worry about her hurting the cat or getting scratched. She does pet her but just isnt all over her!
But this is the scene for the most part today..
But Rich has a way with pets, kids, and generally anyone.. hes a calming person! So Lucy was loving on him!
Shes so sweet!


Erica said...

Love the new cat. I'm happy to see that the first 2 days have gone well. Looks like she is being enjoyed tons!!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like Lucy is a nice Kitty!! Matthew was so happy to see her! He would LOVE to have a kitty..but he will just have to visit Lucy! She is so sweet~yeah for you guys!

Angela said...

Lucy is fitting right in!