Thursday, November 11, 2010

Juggling Act

This afternoon as I was leaving from dropping one set of kids off and heading to pick up the next set of kids I thought dang Im lucky! Even though this juggling act of parenthood with the 3 carpools Im a part of almost every day gets a little hairy, sometimes figuring out every ones schedules that are involved in the carpool gets frustrating and complicated, I still sat there in my car thinking woohoo! Im getting to be the kind of mom I have always wanted to be!
Im so glad that I am able to be home with my kids everyday, Im so happy for them that they get to be involved in everything they want to be and Im so glad that I am the one driving them around.. and yes the carpool is nice but if I didnt have friends doing the same sports/dance/school I am grateful to know that I could manage it!
I am so thankful for Rich for being such a hard worker and that it allows me to be the stay at home mom that I always wanted to be and allows me to be the involved parent that I was afraid I wouldnt get to be.
So even though schedules are stressful and I cant even imagine adding a 3rd schedule to all of this I am so thankful for that kind of stress.. its a dream come true!!


Elizabeth said...

You are a great mom too! One of these days I will get the carpool right..and I won't have to text ya to ask if it is my day or not! ;) hahahaha!! I too love being home for my boys too! It is awesome!

Angela said...

You are a good mama! I always see you and Rich involved in whatever your kids are doing and showing them the support they need. Way to have a positive attitude about it. I need that some days!

tamiz said...

You really are a great Mom! I'm so grateful that I'm the one who gets to be here for my boys. I really appreciated my Mom always being there for me and I know your kids will feel the same.

Norah said...

I was going to comment about your post, but I can't get past the picture. Is that SNOW on the ground?!