Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet Lucy

So I think anyone who knows me is gasping right now but yes we bit the bullet and got a cat for the kids. She is almost 2 and we met her yesterday and adopted her this afternoon!
She is doing really well so far!! She hid under the couch for most of her time here until tonight when we took her to the bathroom where she LOVES being in the tub (no water) and decided its pretty nice getting attention!
She likes feeling safe and secure so the big open areas like the living room kinda freak her out and she likes to hide but I was really pleased with how sweet she was with all of us tonight!
So as long as she doesnt decide that pooping and peeing all over my carpet is fun shes a keeper!!
The kids of course are ecstatic, they have been begging for this forever! So woohoo!


Angela said...

I am a little in shock, but I am sure you wouldn't have done it if you didn't feel like it was right for your family. My kids want a pet too, so maybe they will be happy that most of our friends have one that we can visit! Congrats on Lucy! What a nice family she came to!

Haley L said...

She's really cute! I thought Maddie was going to bust when I picked her up today. Can't beat that kind of excitement through the eyes of a child!!

tamiz said...

She has very pretty markings. Lucy is MUCH better than Artesia! Can't wait to hear how her first night went.

Becki said...


Johnna Jayne said...

Amen on the carpets statement! Hope she's a keeper. She sure looks cute and innocent.