Sunday, November 14, 2010


Its been a weird weekend.. thought-wise anyways. It seems that all of a sudden all my kids are just way more grown up than what I am ready for. Yesterday we went shopping and it was way to weird buying 3s for Malia 7s for Mad and 27x30 for Kaden.. what the what!!
Ive been buying him 27s in like the teen stores but I picked him up some nice pants in the mens Gap and they fit and they look awesome, and it broke my heart.
Today we cleaned out our storage room. Which meant about 5 totes of pictures were looked through. I think Rich and I both about bawled a few times looking at specific pictures of Kaden when he was so little.. what a little spiky haired stud he was!
I think when we saw a pic of him holding his baby sister (Maddie) looking all proud and grown up but so little it was all we could take. I hate that they are so grown up.
The thought is not lost on me that I dont have Kaden for that many more years, soon he will be off to college and on a mission. Neither to which I am looking forward to. I seriously loose my breath just thinking about him being gone for that amount of time. Right now a sleep over is hard seriously how am I supposed to do 2 years with barely any phone time??!!
So while looking through those photos was fun its also put me in quite the sad state... just not prepared for where my kids are headed, time really just flies way to fast!


Norah said...

So we both have sons that can wear men's pants from GAP now. I'm glad somebody joined the club with me ; ) I was feeling lonely!

tamiz said...

I'm pretty sure I have a few more years for Elias to be in men's pants...unless they have a 25in. inseam! It is sad that these boys are growing up. I've been panicing lately that I haven't taught him enough to get through these teen years. We're just about out of time where they are teachable. Everytime I think I might want to adopt all I have to do is look at Elias and how scared I am to get my kids into adulthood successfully and I'm instantly ovewhelmed.