Monday, November 8, 2010

Raging much!

Isnt she cute! Just had to share one of my favorites from my Saturday session!
Ok I am a raging lunatic right now! This is totally embarrassing to write about but holy smokes WATCH OUT PEOPLE!! My poor family is aware that Im raging and staying out of my way! lol
I HATE HATE when this happens, I having had a raging month in quite awhile so its full force making up for lost time. I hate coming down from that anger high and realizing what a beast I was.
Can I just be done with this part of my life.. please!


Angela said...

Raging? You? Do you get there by yourself or did you have some help? By the way, been there before. It does stink when you look back on it. Hope tomorrow is better! You always seem sweet to me!

Haley L said...

How about we go workout til we drop in the morning? Sometimes, that is all that keeps me from losing my mind--take out all the anger on the Bosu ball or something!!

tamiz said...

I hate raging too. Especially when it involves swearing, name calling and naughty foods. You can always rage with me!

Elizabeth said...

I too have been there too! Working out is always one of my best remedies..oh and chocolate..lots of it! :)
Hope your favorite weather cheered you up a bit!