Monday, November 15, 2010

Snow baby

She loves the snow!!
So I tried to load pics and just like my photography blog I got a note saying I couldnt upload pics because I had hit my quota.. wth!!?? So I had to pay for more space... wth!!??
So I did and now I can add pics again.. so weird!
I had a pic of Maddie doing homework with Rich but accidentally erased it.. oops! And then we had one of our favorite Texas visiters come by so I didnt get Kaden!
We had a great evening watching Malia woo Caleb and laughing and telling stories.. good times!


Melissa said...

What?? You had to pay for picture space on blogger?

That is one cute coat (and girl!). :)

tamiz said...

Everytime he visits CO he says "we've got to get back here". I agree!

Norah said...

She's eating the snow! That's way too cute!

Angela said...

Does she just always look that cute? Way fun pictures!