Friday, November 5, 2010

Watch Doggie dog

NO we didnt add a dog now! LOL But Rich was a Watch Dog at Maddies school today! They encourage dads to come in a help since normally its the moms that do it. So they have put together this really neat program to get dads more involved. So today was Rich's turn to go in with Maddie and spend the day with her class and help through out the school!
He is exhausted lol but Maddie was so so happy. She has been counting down the days and was pretty happy to have him all to herself all day!
I sure missed him on his day off but I sure am happy to have such a great hubby that is willing to go in and do this for the whole day!


tamiz said...

TX isn't on to that program yet. Glad Madness had a great day! Only 55 days left!

Angela said...

I saw him and thought how great it was that Maddie has a dad that can do things like that with her. She looked so happy helping him!