Monday, November 1, 2010

I Heart Faces Fall

I haven't done anything with I Heart Faces for quite a few months but this week is kind of a freebie because there is no judging and the theme is fall and after taking pics of the girls outside this afternoon in this gorgeous fall light I was inspired!
I absolutely love fall. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons, but the downfall to Fall is that everything is dying and it can get depressing. But when I see the leaves on the ground and all the gorgeous colors it keeps me inspired and reminds me of the beauty in life sometimes goes away but it always comes back.. be patient!
My backyard is my favorite place to be during fall, I love the sound of the waterfall, the colorful restling leaves, and the perfect jacket weather.

Head over to I Heart Faces to get inspired!!


Norah said...

They are so gorgeous in this photo!

Tamar SB said...

What a beautiful picture!


tamiz said...

Love the pic and the models! I MISS fall. We looked at the 44 acres and it was way cool. Perfect TX ranch but just didn't feel like "ours".

Becca said...

This picture is beautiful!! I love the colors!

carlotta said...

Such a gorgeous photo! And you have a waterfall in your backyard? I'm jealous :)

Angela said...

That is a really great pic of your girls Kris!! I really love it!