Sunday, November 28, 2010

Xmas card attempt 2

Well we attempted some Christmas pics a few days ago but the weather was just to cold to get a smile out of the girls so we rushed back out this morning after Rich's meetings to try again. It was super bright of course but we dealt with it. Of course after the kids were done the clouds came over so even though Malia was DONE Rich and I made Kaden be our photographer!!
Im not sure Im totally happy with these pics either but they are gonna have to do!

Poor Kaden...

After church we started to decorate for Christmas. We all LOVE decorating our own trees while listening to some Josh Groben's Noel CD. Malia is still afraid of that Santa this year which means another year of not worrying about her destroying my tree.. except now we have Lucy to worry about!
Rich surprised me with some new outdoor decorations and he FINALLY bought me red and white lights for the house and they look awesome.. except we need a few more to finish ha!


Angela said...

I think those turned out awesome as well! Kaden did a great job too! Those are some pretty sweet shoes on you! You are rockin them!

tamiz said...

I tried REALLY hard not to be anal and get mad at the kids when we put our trees up luck! I was fuming by the end. I guess I am a control freak. Cute couple pix!

Norah said...

First of all, the pics of you and your man are BEAUTIFUL! Seriously! Second, that is the most fabulous idea of having each person have tree of a different size! So unique. I'm really impressed!