Saturday, November 6, 2010


Maddie had a dance performance today in Boulder. It was her last day with this dance company... I know I know!! We are moving her AGAIN.. I am becoming one of those mothers YUCK!! While we really love the atmosphere and the teachers at Mountain it just wasnt as competitive or at the level she was used to dancing at and we realized that we needed to start searching again. So I made a call to Dance Dimensions.. I well known studio but one our last studio had kind of bad mouthed. But I decided what the heck. I gave them a call and I soon realized everything I had heard was wrong. They had a dance work shop they wanted her to attend to see how we felt and what they thought of her and we were very happy and so were they so on Monday she will be starting there!!
I am excited, they are very accomplished and get so many awards they are running out of room on their walls!! Im glad Maddie will be challenged again and she is excited too!!
Here is her new dance they performed today. I will try to add pics later but I have a session to edit!


Angela said...

I think Maddie will be great no matter what! Whoever is lucky enough to get her is what it comes down to!

tamiz said...

Yay for Miss Maddie! I miss seeing how her tiny little body can accomplish such technical dancing!