Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I entered that gorgeous little orange stained face on the IHeartFaces today. Malia LOVES oranges and boy does she get all sticky and juicy!! She was in Heaven even though I made her go naked outside to eat it so I could get the pic haha!! And then it started raining!!

Lucy is still a hit! The kids get up early and get their chores done early just so they can play with her! She has ended up being a really easy cat woohoo!!
Malia found Kadens back pack today and was trying to follow him and Rich out the door this morning.. when I had to pull her away from the door this is the face I got LOL
And because Im sick of it being 8 and realizing I still need to blog AND take pictures first I decided to do it all early today!!


Melissa said...

Oh, you have no idea how much I love that you made her eat outside naked for a photo shoot. And I thought I was the only crazy one. LOL

Angela said...

What a cute picture with the juice dripping off her lips! Love it! And good idea to blog early! What a nice surprise!

Norah said...

I can't take it! That pouty, perfect, orange kissed lip! Oh my!

tamiz said...

LOVE the pic...outside, naked on a day that is snowed? You are dedicated to being clean! HA

Elizabeth said...

Love Malia's early morning shot! I think I look like that a lot too!
Also love the oranges shot!! Adorable!