Friday, November 12, 2010

Date night

A date night for me with the girls!! And Rich with Kaden!!
Kaden and Rich went to the CU game so I thought hey us girls should do something fun too! So we went and got our nails done! I wasnt sure how it would go with Malia, I figured I would just keep her in my lap and they could paint her toes but they whisked her away to her own chair right away and she LOVED IT!! They all asked lots of questions about her and were very smitten! Malia would start cracking up when they started speaking Vietnamese and say your funny and dont know the words you are saying lol! So funny! They lady told me she lived in Korea for awhile and that Malia was very lucky to be with us, made me sad but also nice just because Im always worried Asian woman might hate me for taking a baby from her home country.. I know some do. The men were also very taken with her and when she was done the one that had been working on me went and grabbed her from the chair and walked around saying shes my cute baby to his daughter that was there.
Maddie of course loves getting her nails done. I dont think there is anything cuter than listening to her giggle when they scrub her feet!! So cute!
When I wanted to take pics they about had a fit I would mess up my fingers so I was supervised and not allowed to really mess with and fix my setting so Ive got some crappy pics but I was cracking up because they moved Malia to be next to Maddie and then got her to laugh and smile and give the peace sign lol!!
Then we took off and did a little shopping!! So much fun!

I need to mention that Kaden had his intermural games today after school and I went to watch, he kicked butt again.. his team won all 3 games woot woot!! Now after a long day of deep cleaning and after a exhausting workout I am ready to turn out the lights!! Nite ya'll have a good weekend!


Norah said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Angela said...

So cute! What a fun girls day out! Where did you go? That place looks like so much fun!