Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thankful Thanksgiving

I have so so many things to be Thankful for on this Thanksgiving.
I have this amazing family, I have really great kids like seriously great kids. And I have an amazing husband, seriously great husband, not just the kind you put up with but the kind you know you are lucky to have grabbed on to.
I have a really great house that I get to live in and be warm and safe in, where my kids are safe in a great neighborhood. I sometimes forget what a car brat I am and how lucky I am to drive a nice vehicle that never breaks down and always gets me and everyone else Im taking to where we need to go.
I have great siblings (well there are a few turds in the bunch and they know who they are lol) and am so thankful that my sis and her family joined us this year, we would have been really bored otherwise!
I am thankful for the fabulous meal we had. I am thankful to my mom who passed down some really good recipes, we enjoyed some really yummy frog eye salad and some really great veggie dip.... so thanks mom, I hope you had a great meal today.
I was able to go and fill 3 carts of food to feed us all and we all ate really well today and when I am shopping I dont think about how lucky I am to be able to just go and do that but I really am so thankful the my Heavenly Father has given us so much and that we have all of these wonderful blessings.
And that brings me to the Gospel, I am so lucky to have the Gospel in my life I know that my life would be messy without it and I am so blessed and enriched for having it.
I hope you all had a really wonderful Thanksgiving!! These pics are all out of order and a couple are from yesterday.
Maddie giving daddy some sas yesterday
We played lots of pool... its really sad that we have this pool table and never use it so when people come to visit we always loose!

And as usual Malia likes the men in the house
Last night I dragged Becki and Ky to boot camp with me, it was so much fun! We got our butts handed to us but it sure made eating all this crap a little less guiltfulfilled!!

Weve been playing Rock band all night and its pretty funny hearing us all sing!

Malia was pretty excited to get soda today lol


Melissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you got to spend it with family.c

Haley L said...

So glad you had a good holiday! LOVE that pic of you, your sis and Kylie!

Tirsa said...

I'm so glad that Becky and her family made it after hearing so many horror stories about the drive. Glad you had a thanksgiving with family!

Elizabeth said...

What a great thanksgiving you had! Love all the family pics!