Monday, November 22, 2010

Time with my boy

Kaden need some alone time, he is a good boy but he is struggling with the changes that are happening, his attitude is up and down and we are trying so hard to be understanding of this but it gets to the point where I about loose it on him.

So I needed to run errands and do some shopping and I decided to put it off until Rich was home so that I could just take Kaden with me for some 1 on 1 time. And it quickly became obvious that it was much needed, and he kept saying thank you, which then made me sad that we havent been very good about doing our date nights with the kids lately.

Kaden is such a good, fun kid and I love hanging out with him so Im so glad we got that time together tonight, and I gotta remember to do this more often!
The girls were so silly today, they are having a great time with each other and all this free time! Tomorrow we will have company!!!!


Angela said...

Man, yesterday my 12 year old was on my last nerve! I need to remember to make one on one time for him more too so that maybe we can get along? That is a great picture of the 2 of you! Oh, and yea for fun free time this week! Visitors? Hmm.... :)

tamiz said...

It is hard to remember to enjoy them when they're too lazy to get clean underwear after a shower and sneak back on the dirty ones. Love Malia's dress. I'm not good at the who looks like who game but that pic makes it obvious who Kaden takes after.

chanel said...

im so thankful for those who go before, so i know what to expect and how to do it- you're an awesome mom!

i know your company is going to be WELL FED! ;) have a happy thanksgiving!