Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hair bonding

Today Maddie and Malia were two peas in a pod.. which was perfect for me since me and Malia arent really getting along.. she is so whiney and has a had a few accidents out of nowhere and I try to not get frustrated but AAAHHHH!!
So the girls were super cute. Maddie set up "school" for them through out the day, it is her favorite game right now and Malia is just happy to go along with it! Then Maddie wanted to do her hair and goodness I just thought that was about the cutest thing ever! AND she did a really good job.. she left her out some "bangs" and it looked so cute.. I might have to copy it tomorrow!

Im just so happy that these two have each other, and watching them do some of the same things I did with my sister makes me think of the conversations we have know and laugh about and I cant help but look into the future and imagine them doing the same thing.
She was trying to make a goofey face but seriously shes just cute!

And Malia wouldnt look at the camera lol she just wanted to play

Kaden was my test shot this morning before my shoot (which you can check out at Snap Happy) and I didnt get another one of him so here it is!


tamiz said...

I wish someone would hair bond with me!

Angela said...

I feel the same way Tami! Those pictures of them are so cute! They will have lots of good memories to look back on someday for sure! And I really love that pic of Kaden! His eyes are amazing!