Saturday, December 18, 2010

Water time and I finally remembered!

On the way to go swimming/work out we had an air balloon right over our heads, all I could think is how cold it would be up there since I was freezing down here!
While I tried a Zumba class Rich took the kids swimming and of course they had an amazing time!
Malia was loving "dunking" Rich and the lilly pads, Maddie rocks the lilly pads and both her and Kaden had fun going down the slide. And the best part was there was only one other family there!
So we had a good start to our break!

And I have had quite a few comments about which car we decided on and I keep forgetting to mention it. We ended up with the denali instead of the escalade because it had a bunch of electrical problems. I really like the denali I was just a little hesitant about the color.. just FYI do not tell me I have a BLUE car its stealth grey.. k!! lol


tamiz said...

Looks really pretty! I have to tell you about my ANGRY feelings today and also how one of my dreams may have been a sign...remember the one about the sword and shield that could be found on ebay????

Angela said...

Are you sure it's not blue? I know... I know... Blue may not be cool, but it is as cool as us Alexanders get. :)

Erica said...

At least your friend doesn't call it purple when your car is blue. lol- I'll have to share the story with you. PS- It is cold in a hot air balloon, so I couldn't imagine being up there this morning either. That was the same thought I had when I saw it this morning. :)

Norah said...

That's a fab stealth gray car!