Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its all about the dress

Isnt it? I mean I know Im not alone here right? Ladies how much time do we spend looking for that perfect dress? It has to be the right color, the right style they right length the right texture and on and on and on, OOHH and lets not forget SIZE (which is different from store to store). And you cant buy it if someone else has it or one similar or even if someone bought their "perfect" dress at the same store. Where does that leave us.. with nothing NOTHING!
I have spent months, yes months even the last couple of years looking for the perfect dress.. actually that isnt true, I have gotten so desperate to find dresses or skirts that I have eliminated most of my qualifications and have ended up with just a good style that covers my bits and pieces.. which has been close to impossible! Really I have gone shopping for ME so many times and come home in tears because I just cant find anything that is appropriate for church. It is either sleeveless or cut to high on the legs or cut to low in the chest or has a slit up the thigh. THEN if I do happen to find a dress that fits at least a few of my needs it ends up being $150 bucks and look people Im in nursery.. Im not waisting a good dress on snot and tears.. just not gonna!
So Im stuck with my same ol same or a couple ok choices that I have found here or there. Its SOOO frustrating!!
So to get to the end of my story, I feel like its gotten the same way for my girls, its winter and most of the dresses are short or sleeveless.. really??!! I mean come on we are in Colorado.. its cold! So I found the "Perfect" Christmas dress (because really isnt that what the Holidays are really about for a mother of girls, finding THE dress to wear to church or for pics) I found it on etsy I am not usually to matchy matchy with the girls, but I decided just this one time it was going to be ok. They were green and white damask material with red initials on the chest.. I mean really freaking cute! Original.. check.. appropriate.. check.. available in the sizes I need.. CHECK!! I emailed the lady I agreed to pay extra for the bigger size for Maddie and asked how long it would take to get them here before I pushed PAY NOW. I did my homework, it was supposed to take 7 days.. so she said! Well after a few emails and a few "thank you for understanding" (which I didnt) and me finally demanding my money back, and 3 weeks later we FINALLY got them in the mail YESTERDAY. So here are my "Perfect" holiday dresses for the girls in all their glory... with big brother thrown in too!

They looked pretty dang darling!!


Melissa said...

They look adorable! Sometimes Etsy is just worth the extra trouble. :)

Angela said...

I never got to see Malia is hers, but I told Maddie how cute she looked today! Your girls are just cute no matter what they are wearing though! (And just an FYI... so are you pretty lady!)

alison said...

those are sweet dresses for sure. :)

tamiz said...

Glad she finally came through. Just in the nick of time. Good thing their Mom is a photographer! Love them btw. There will be no copy catting those. HAHA and if anyone tries we know the seller will not deliver before Christmas! So cute!

chanel said...

you're FUNNY! i love reading your blog cause the real you comes out, and YOU'RE AWESOME! i was gawking at those PERFECT dresses all day yesterday, they're amazing, again I can't say enough what style you have- its the BEST! your girls really make the dress though, they're beautiful girlies!

Norah said...

So so cute! You should see my Etsy shopping cart right now. SO many vintage hair pieces in