Saturday, December 11, 2010


Kaden needed to go to the Longmont Museum today for some extra credit. We were there to see the work of Nicholas Murah and his focus was the artist Frida Kahlo.. who was quite the quirky lady! We looked at a lot of photos and did a lot of reading about them. It was really neat seeing really amazing photograghy from so long ago.
We decided to look around the rest of the museum since we had the place to ourselves, and we had so much fun.. and it only took about 30 minutes and the kids thanked me after HA!! DAY DONE SUCKAS!!

They thought the old bell was pretty awesome

If I could find one of these for myself!!


Maddie found a creepy bird hat (YUCK) she loved it..

Malia however was not happy about the creepy bird hat lol

Then Maddie had her friend over this afternoon.. so I was officially THE BEST MOM.. to Maddie today!

And while the kids kept themselves entertained I did a craft project!! I LOVE how it turned out!! Thanks Erica!


Erica said...

Amazing job!! It turned out so good. Glad to help- anytime you know!

Norah said...

How do you live with that adorable, pouty lip??? It makes me forget what the whole dang post was about!

Elizabeth said...

I am with Malia on the bird hat!
Great project! way cool!