Thursday, December 23, 2010

Camera Love

I dont think it will come as a surprise how thankful I am to my camera, from my very first crappy point and shoot to my professional new aged I love it so much Nikon!
I have always loved cameras, I have always loved taking pictures. I remember when Kaden was little and I had this great idea to take my own naked pics of him because at the time we could afford professional pictures. So I covered my bed in a plain blanket and put it up over the head board. As I positioned him and started clicking away I thought damn Im good, these are going to be amazing. Well they werent, they were crap! And so with that squashed any hopes of my taking good pictures. And it wasnt until a few years ago when I got a nicer camera and started tinkering around with editing that my hope started to come back.
And now here I am after a full year of taking pictures and getting paid to do so, and even getting 4th in a very well known comp!! It feels good, yes ma'am it feels good.
I am so thankful for the freedom it has given me, I love being able to express myself through photography. I know I have a lot to learn, and I hope this takes me far, but oh the love I have for my camera and what it has given me. Thankful, that is what I am!!

We are oh so excited for Santa to come, the girls are still thinking of their wishes...


tamiz said...

It's been so fun to watch your photography progress. I'm so proud of you and what you've accomplished!

Angela said...

You are pretty darn good at it Kris! I always love to see what pictures you are taking next!

Haley L said...

Love your tradition of shopping for each other on Christmas Eve. So special! And that pic of Malia trying to imitate Maddie is classic!!