Friday, December 10, 2010

Clouds are exciting!!

Maddie has been learning about clouds and has been very excited to talk all about the different kinds.. seriously the joy is adorable!
I love clouds to, I look at them and am dumbfounded at how amazing these fluffy things are as they float by. So her new enjoyment is exciting for the both of us!

When we have free time in the morning the girls admire themselves then get silly..

Kaden had some neat homework today. He had help plan buy and make breakfast (or brinner aka breakfast for dinner) and then the BEST part was, he had to CLEAN IT ALL UP!!!!
He did a great job, we had the missionary's over for dinner and Im pretty sure they walked away a few lb's heavier after that meal!


Angela said...

What a cute Maddie! Courtney is telling me all about them too! And Kaden, cooking? I am loving that!