Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feline friend 30 to go

Lucy is finally getting more comfortable upstairs and being around us. In fact today while I was in a business meeting (taking a nap) she jumped up on my back and decided to snooze there and because she was keeping me warm I decided it worked out for me!
She is even letting Malia come up and pet her now without running off!
I am shocked that it is December, how did that happen. Wasnt it just September?? Where did October and November go.. like seriously! I hate to see a year go, it means a new year with the kids getting older and thats not fun for me. Im hoping December decides its ok to take it slow and easy, especially during the break which I am looking forward to!!


Erica said...

October and November were spent with you working too hard!!!

Norah said...

Warm kitties are the best!

tamiz said...

Dang you for making animal ownership look so easy and rewarding!