Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Fun while plastic skating!

The kids and I met Rich today to go ice skating.. but it isnt actual ice, it is some weird plastic soapy mat. BUT it was lots of fun! The kids loved it and they all did such a great job for doing it once a year! This was Malias first time and I was nervous but she rocked it too! She was a little ticked about having to hold hands so we let her go to "teach" her a lesson and turns out she did better without us!! She did fall twice and was ticked!!
I love when we get out and do active family things, the kids love it and ended up thanking me for the rest of the day!
Maddie caught on so fast just like she does for everything and took off at pretty much a run. She did fall quite a few times but she was flying around that little rink!
Kaden did really good and never fell and kept bragging about it.. so when I said it was time to go he fell lol!! He was so mad at himself for jinxing himself! To funny!
After we were done they kids rode the little train and Malia loved that too, Kaden was bored and Maddie liked it!
Good times, makes me sad that break is approaching its end!
This post is pic heavy but you have to check down below, theres some good stuff!

So I always wanted to be a CSI.. turns out I dont like blood but I today got the chance to pretend I was part of the CSI team!! Malia woke from her nap and I saw she had a little blood under her nose, I checked her finger because she has been picking her nose during nap resulting in a bloody nose. So I chewed her out, told her how gross it was and took her to the sink to wash her finger and nose.
While I was washing her Kaden asked if I had seen her room yet, I said no and he said I probably should. Well I was nervous and couldnt imagine what he thought I needed to see so quickly, but I went and arrived at the crime scene...
*Beware* Some of these photos are graphic and may not be appropriate for children..

My daughter is a nose picking bloody finger painter!! I about freaked!! There was ZERO blood on her clothes only a TINY bit on her finger and under her nose, so you can imagine my shock when I saw all of that!! She was in a bit of trouble!! And for punishment, being the awesome mom that I am I made her clean up the bloody mess....

When Rich got home I had her tell Rich what she did and she seemed a little to proud about "I rubbed my hands in my bloddy nose in my bed!"


tamiz said...

1. You're in freaking CO. You should have REAL ice.
2. Love the cherry hat from NY.
3. Gross! I'm pretty sure that was a rough one for you to encounter.
4. Color Wonder makes a finger painting set!!

Erica said...

All of those pictures from your ice skating are AWESOME! Were you better on ice skates than roller skates- haha. Or maybe because you recently had some practice you were pretty good? Oh the mess- other than poo that had to have been pretty close to your worst nightmare!!!

chanel said...

oh man.
i saw that plastic ice last year and was BUMMED! Loveland and Flat Iron have REAL ice if you're up for a drive.
Malia! Its better than poop!

Melissa said...

Love the pictures - Malia's hat is awesome!

And YIKES about her new little habit.

Elizabeth said...

Loved the ice skating pics!!