Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well we finally got snow! Its about a week late and now the mood is over but woohoo right?!
The kids were excited, the sad part was the wind was so horrible it was to cold to be outside for the most part. They finally decided to just go try it out late this afternoon and they all bundled up and went out.
I was out for about 2 minutes taking pics and was DONE so I figured they would quickly be in to follow me, especially Malia but they ended up staying out for about 45 minutes. I was impressed. It was so cute (and warm and awesome) looking out the window watching them run around and play. Again especially Malia with her huge coat and big boots stomping and running around. Loved it!
I am thankful for these moments when they are all excited to play together!
Tonight Kaden has a couple friends over so Im guessing I wont be getting to bed at a descent hour, because when they are over man are they loud! Louder than girls I swear!!
Hope you all are safe and enjoying the snow!

After they were done they all enjoyed some hot cocoa, how cute is that!


tamiz said...

I'd like some snow for about 45 minutes too! Love the big mugs. You should wake up and do your last post right now and then take your well deserved break...only I will suffer from withdrawals.

tamiz said...

Come on 365/365!!