Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Im afraid this is going to sound silly, but to me its all about the small things. Comfort, its even a comfortable word.. say it, Comfort! I love that word. There are so many things that bring me comfort, soft socks, clean sheets, clean teeth, knowledge of a working car and house. But even though those things bring me enourmous amounts of comfort and make me feel good there is nothing like a good real hug from my kids or like this morning before Rich went to work, we were both tired, I havent been sleeping good and we've both been waking up early to work out so I made him sit on the floor and I cuddled into his lap and we just sat there for a few minutes and it was a great couple of minutes. Afterwards I felt so comfortable and refreshed, he makes me feel so good, he is strong and sturdy in body and mind and Im so thankful for that and for what it does for me.
So today I am thankful for the small and big comfort things I have in life!

Maddie is so excited about Christmas like Ive said, she reminds us quite a few times a day how many days are left and when we are talking about it she lights up and gets giddy.. I love that!

And I was going to make sure I got good hair shots of this one today but I kinda thought her messy I just woke up hair was adorable so here it is anyways!

And because I had to show how dang cute the back of this shirt is..
A good lookin boy if I do say so myself!


Angela said...

Comfort is a great thing! I couldn't agree more with you on that!

Elizabeth said...

I too love comfort!! I love cuddling also! Comfort oftens brings me that.

Melissa said...

Oh, yes, comfort is good.

(and I always have good intentions of fixing Rory's hair, but then it kinda looks cute messy)