Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In this house we believe that dance is the best medicine. I love to dance, we all know Maddie likes to dance and Malia is right there with us, and you all saw the video I caught of the boys dancing their tail feathers off!!
When I am in a seriously foul mood Rich is sometimes smart enough to put on a favorite song and I cant help but start to tap my feet and get into the groove. When I have to get my shots I have to have music on loud. I have music on all day long... a waiste of energy sure BUT boy does it make me feel good! Just yesterday and danced all by myself when Pinks new song came on, I just couldnt help myself.
So I appreciate dance and how it feeds our souls!!
Today the girls played dress up with Malias new dress up things.. kinda hilarious that Maddie can fit in them.. kinda! They are way to short but as long as we are in the privacy of our own home who cares right! (Except that mom takes pics)
They sure had a good time and also made up a dance for me.. so cute!
I thought this picture was funny, Maddie was dancing while putting the crown on Malia.. it was a painful process, poor Malia, Maddie was clueless!

And for our dancing debut, Maddie and I practiced this guys video a few times and now here ya go hehe

And now ours LMBO


tamiz said...

You do ALWAYS have music on. I'm surprised you don't sleep with it on. I remember in Jr. High that the coolest girls would sleep with radio on. I tried it for about 30 min and couldn't stand it... I had to have SILENCE! My kids are so noisy now that music is just that extra noise that would send me over the edge.

Angela said...

You and Maddie have some mad dance skills! The only thing that was missing for me was the khaki pants and baby yellow polo. :) LOL

Stepping On Legos said...

So awesome! Love it!

tamiz said...

Sweet moves! Only THREE more days!