Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well after months of not having Malia in dance and her begging to go. Seriously every time Maddie goes to dance she asks for her leo and grabs her back pack and wants to go to dance. So I decided to give up one of my days of buff moms so that Malia could have a dance day.. ya Im just that kind of mom lol! (After being selfish for months)
So today was her first day back.. kind of a trial to make sure this class would work and when she walked in to the class (after being giddy and excited all morning) she giggled the whole way in to the teacher with her hand over her mouth, it was the cutest thing. And when her teacher asked her name she just busted up laughing. Im not sure if she was nervous or just super excited.. it was probably both!
But she did great!! So after class she was measured for a costume because she will be in the Spring concert with Maddie!! OH you know Im just over excited about that!!!
These pics crack me up... I asked her to show me what she learned and at first she was so focused she looked ticked so I had to beg her to smile while she showed me her new moves!


Norah said...

So adorable! I can't wait to see pics and videos of the Spring recital.

tamiz said...

I'm so excited for her! I'm glad you make the most of being a mother to girls.

Melissa said...

Oh.my.stars. Cutest ever!

Elizabeth said...

Love that face in the first pic!! So fun for you all!