Monday, December 27, 2010


Not mine this time, the kids. Im grateful for the kids friends. I always feel bad for them. We dont live on a street where there are a bunch of kids, Its kind of a more... I guess I dont want to use the word old or elderly so lets go with established lol. Anyways when I was a kid I had best friends on the same street and we were playing after school everyday and weekends and all summer and late at night and it was awesome. I went to their house they were at my house and we grew up together. My kids dont have that, and Im not so great about setting up "play dates" I dont really love having on turds I mean kids at my house but Im trying to be better about that!
What I have realized is how nice it is when they have friends over. They are happy and out of my hair and sure its a little extra work for part of it but mostly its just nice.
Maddie had a friend over today and they had so much fun! And Kaden was off at one of his friends house and is staying the night now. I love that. I keep encouraging him to set up stuff but Im afraid that my laziness about getting them "play dates" has worn off on him.
So we will keep working on it because I know how important good friends are.
So Im thankful for the friends they have and the future ones they will have, who will be there for them when they are down and will be an ear and a shoulder when they dont feel like talking to me.


chanel said...

so glad to read this! i feel the EXACT same way- so now that we both know thats how it is, we'll have to keep up the play date cause Maddie is seriously the BEST friend julia has come across since we have moved to CO. I LOVE watching them in Primary too, they're total buds, its CUTE!!!

tamiz said...

I hear ya and feel your pain! Having just any "friend" over doesn't always make it better. It takes the perfect, WELL BEHAVED, good mannered, child to make it fun. I'm glad Maddie has found that type of friend. We've been weeding through the boys friends and have finally come up with a good one for each of them. Don't get me wrong, they can have all the friends they want but the one's that are welcome over are few!

Norah said...

Yeah, I grew up with my BFF living 2 houses down from me and all of our friends within walking distance. Now that we moved off our cul-de-sac a year and a half ago we are completely secluded. Not a neighbor in sight. Gene's had a friend here for over 48 hours now. We got snowed