Thursday, December 16, 2010


So Maddie has had a plan.. to trick Kaden by showing up with a "cast" on her arm. So today Haley gave her a pink wrap and when we got home from dance I wrapped her wrist up and walked in. Rich was already home and knew that Maddie had been "broke her wrist" at school. At first Kaden wasnt falling for it, but apparently Im a pretty good lier and Maddie did awesome and didnt grin like normal. So Kaden soon fell for it, went to see her on the couch and had to walk away because he was crying and so upset that she had broke her arm. OOPS!!
As soon as we realized he took it seriously and he was upset Maddie ran after him and was saying just kidding along with Rich and I laughing and then we all had to go get him because he was really upset. OOPS!!
But after we let him in on our prank we let him know what shmucks we were and what a sweet boy he is for feeling so horrible for Maddie being "hurt."
He wasnt very happy about having his pic taken after all that and we all felt bad for his reaction.
but we still got a little bit of a laugh out of it!
Malia has been in such a good mood all week (knock on wood) and Im so scared that shes going to end up with this darn cold and be sick and miserable with us. Man I want her to just stay this sweet and happy forever.. please, its on my Christmas list!
Her eyes are closed, but she was just cheesing so good that her eyes disappear, cute little thing!


Melissa said...

Oh, poor guy! How sweet that he was so concerned about her!

tamiz said...

That's the best kind of big brother a girl could ask for!

Haley L said...

I feel bad now, but after weeks of planning, I gotta say Maddie is a pretty good actress! It was so funny watching her pull this together.